About Us

The GONEVOIP.CA team has been in the Canadian telecommunications industry for over 15-years. We have seen the rise of the Internet and Voice Over-IP from his early beginnings, to corporate use to today’s worldwide adoption trend.

Our mission is simple: provide Canadians with all of the information required to choose from the best residential or business Internet and VoIP services available. We have put our experience to work thus allowing us to create the best interface to facilitate the decision making and compare providers. We’re proud to be Canada’s premier Service directory, simply put no other site provides the information we do.

We firmly believe new technology does not always have to equate to higher costs; on the contrary, new technology more often than not shall allow having more features and reducing costs. We also believe that for as much as the technology and the increasingly networked world advances nothing can really replace a phone call – truly hearing a human voice. It’s our view, thanks to modern internet high-speed access; Voice Over-IP epitomizes the best telecommunications can offer.

We have formed partnerships with a large number of the best service providers available to Canadians allowing to bring deals that are either unique or better than those shown in the provider’s website.

If you’d like to contact us please either give us a call to 1-855-462-5349 or use the Contact Us form or drop us an email to info @ gonevoip . ca (remove the spaces)

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