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Top Ten Saving Tips for Students

It’s almost time to return to school, which for some means having to make tough decisions such as eating healthy or saving that money for partying. We get it –...


Home Phone Comparison 2016 Edition

It is the return of the clash between traditional home phones, and digital (VoIP) phone lines! We have about a million VoIP (Digital) pones lines in Canada. With some estimated...


Summer Calling

The longest day of the year, also known as summer solstice, marks the start of summer for all North Americans. Many people have plans to travel during summer either to escape...


The Evolution of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is one of the most innovative and exciting developments of today’s tech industry. In the last five years wearables have received increased attention...


What means Call Tracking Services?

We hear a lot about how companies need to use call tracking to see the truly value of their marketing campaigns. But what is call tracking, anyhow? Call tracking is the process...


Calling Card Feature

Many customers say to me everyday: How will I make outgoing calls if I am not in the office? I need to go back in the office to have my business caller ID. The Voice over IP is...


Benefits with VoiceMailTel Services

Businesses all over the world have been relying on phones for many reasons. From customer support to employee connectivity to client negotiations, there are millions of...


DIDWW Overtaking VoIPITS Customers

We have come to known that VoIPITS (also works under MYPBX and CheapDID) is facing business continuity issues. VoIPTS had been in operation since 2013, and has worked as a...

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